JavaFX Coding Challenge (you could win up to $25,000)

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Sun Microsystem is organizing a JavaFX™ Coding contest:  “There is no limit to break-through thinking. Design and submit a new application using JavaFX and you could win up to $25,000. “

I remember when Sun launched this Rich Internet Application (RIA) development tool; on many blog comments and dedicated site, they were all discussinf why JavaFX™ is born. Is it because of Adobe and Microsoft were in the field of RIA?

Whatever the reason, JavaFX™ made is way on  and has many fans. Now, a contest: click here to register and face the challenge.

JavaFX™is a new language and also used to built cross-device applications and content; it allows application development for desktop, mobile and for the web.  The actually available platform has the SDK, Netbeans for JavaFX™ and the JavaFX Production Suite.

One of the more important feature of JavaFX™ is the consistency of the rendering whatever the device used. For more technical details about it, click here (Sun site).

For many of us, this is a new language (not so far from Java), and to know mor about it, have a look of this article from Anghel Leonard: Introduction to JavaFX Script or download this presentation: A JavaFX™ Script Programming
Language Tutorial
by Jim Weaver, a JavaFX™ Script Author, Developer, Teacher from JavaFXpert.


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Welcome to share my passion

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Computer Programming has always been a dream for myself; and even I have learnt a lot in this field, I am still impresionate by it.
In fact, I start with HTML; it was so simple, but I was fascinated; then I continue with C#. In that period, I just wanted to learn C++, but I found the C# and opted for it. And In a book of C++, the author said that Java is the language of the future. Then I run to Java and I started a love story with it. I have been in school for Java and Visual Basic…

I read a lot of programming language (PHP, ADA, Perl, ect.) then today, I need to share passions; I am not a master, but want to hear, sincerely, from poeple loving programming.
Share with me with your comments.